Stina Strangis is a 'creative maker' originally from a small village in South Wales and now residing in Cardiff.  She works in a variety of medias including photography, moving image, poetry and bookmaking.  Stina makes art because she is imaginative and feels lost without being creative; it is part of her very being.  She enjoys the intricacy of the work she makes and the satisfaction she gains when completing it.


When making art Stina aims to make her work accessible and honest and feels that these are possibly the most important aspects of her art. Often her work is heartfelt, emotional and sometimes difficult but without excluding the viewer.  Previous themes have covered nature photography, found family photographs and the loss of a loved one.  Stina hopes that people viewing her work will feel an affiliation with it. 


Stina has an undergraduate degree in Photographic Art and a masters degree in Printmaking. 




All work © Stina Strangis 2021 ♥
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